grendzy and raspberryman closed the last two critical tickets:

#1084268: Exception: Invalid field name given. in FieldCollectionItemEntity
#1714478: Cant use time "24:00" or "00:00" in dateformat field after upgrade to D7.15

Of the 20 major tickets, they found only one that is a release blocker and needs attention:

#1281974: Missing bundle property on entity - That ticket needs a good 2 hours of curation to clear the patches up and improve the steps to reproduce, then an additional scope on the fix once the patches have been reviewed.

#1316162: Support content translation and host entity cloning - Although this is a major and important ticket, it is more of a feature request and shouldn't be a v1.0 release blocker.

2 other issues that I are close to being RTBC and help resolve serious bugs in FC.
#2000690: Deleting revisions via node_revision_delete wrongly deletes entire field collection
#1807460: Field collection doesn't play nice with workbench moderation (patch)

Original post:

Hey there, this module is used by, and as part of the D7 Upgrade Initiative, we need to get it to a stable 1.0 release prior to launch.

What will it take to push a release of this module out the door before Oct 30th, 2012? Let's use this issue to investigate and generate a bullet-point list of things that need to happen (or a list of links to other issues).


#1714478: Cant use time "24:00" or "00:00" in dateformat field after upgrade to D7.15 - I do not believe this to be an issue with field_collection
#1084268: Exception: Invalid field name given. in FieldCollectionItemEntity - this needs input from the maintainers on the direction to take with the module

Tried, but could not reproduce #1281974: Missing bundle property on entity. See my tests at:

At this point, I don't see any release blockers.

Assigned:Senpai» fago
Status:Active» Needs review

It looks like Field Collection has no criticals left, and is now ready for a 1.0 release. Let's make it so.

We have 16 active major bug reports - are any of these release blockers?

Title:Field Collection needs a 1.0 release as part of the D7 Upgrade InitiativeA 1.0 release would be nice for D7
Version:7.x-1.0-beta4» 7.x-1.x-dev
Assigned:fago» Unassigned
Issue D7, -porting

This isn't actually a blocker. A 1.0 would be great, but we can live with beta5 if we need to.

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Updating v1.0 release status

Title:A 1.0 release would be nice for D7Field Collection: a 1.0 release would be nice for D7
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Or for that mater a stable Beta 6. It's been over a year since the last release. This isn't a best practice as far as I am concerned #2186377: Highlight projects that follow Best Practices

It would be great if this could happen. There are a number of other issues that seem close:

@tim.plunkett - You've weighed in on some of the issues I've brought up around providing incentives for contrib modules & issue queues (Thanks for this btw).

What changes could be made to d.o to make this module easier to maintain for you?

EDIT: There are 56k sites using this module. There have to be some means to make it a priority for this to be more actively maintained.