At Pantheon, we use extensive caching around image_get_info() to avoid network file system traffic. Calling getimagesize() bypasses this cache with bad consequences for users browsing many images through IMCE.

For quick reference, this is the call we'd like it to use:

Making excessive calls to getimagesize() and related file system functions on network mounts is a known problem that even has its own module for certain cases:

Pantheon will award a bounty of $100 for getting this simple fix into stable releases of IMCE for Drupal 6 and 7 by November 8, 2012.

The included patch is for Drupal 7.



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For the majority of drupal installations imce_image_info is faster than image_get_info. I'm not willing to change how it works though I can provide a way to switch to image_get_info.

The patch allows to switch between two versions of the function by checking a variable.

That would be perfect. We can set that variable for our users to make use of the cache. Happy to pay the bounty for the proposed patch getting committed and made available in a stable release.


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Committed to dev branches. No need for the bounty. Thanks.

Awesome! Do you know when we can expect this to make it into a release? I mostly posted the bounty to encourage an update to the stable release, which is currently just over a year old.

I'll review a few more issues in the following days, after which I plan to make a new release.

Look to its coming, at first light, on the fifth day.

Look to its coming, at first light, on the fifth day.


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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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