Meta issue: #2050477: [META] Identify component maintainers for components with no maintainer listed in MAINTAINERS.txt

Quoting @yched from #1255696-12: Needs docs update: Move field type modules into separate "Field type" package:

even though the recent new field types (url, mail - soon date and entity_reference ?) have been added as submodules of /core/modules/field (next to the existing text, number, etc...), it would be good to get MAINTAINERS.txt entries for those, and not assume they are maintained by the Field API team :-)

or we're going to hit the CCK effect (field modules get neglected because maintaining them all + the API itself is too big of a task).

Field type modules + maintainer candidates

Module MAINTAINERS.txt Candidates
E-mail @zuuperman
Entity Reference @Amitaibu, @amateescu
File @aaron (?)
Image @quicksketch, @drewish
Link @sun
Number @swentel
Options @yched
Phone @nick_schuch, @tim-e, @cweagans
Text @Stalski, @sun
Taxonomy @xjm, @catch, @bangpound
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Updated issue summary.

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Updated issue summary.

I can volunteer for options

I'll do number

I volunteer for text or link, depending on which one sun will take

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Updated issue summary.

I can do email

Incorporated into summary.

@Stalski: My intention is to actually do both. Link, because I added it to core and know its code + user expectations very well. And Text, because Filter module and text processing is very closely related to it.

However, all core modules should ideally have more than one maintainer anyway, so this is fine. (ideally even more than two ;))

@sun: fine, I actually like it that way. Text is my preference to do as comaintainer with you then :)

Status:Active» Needs review

Added email.module and link.module as issue components. (Someone else added the others already.)

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Added candidates.

I would like to volunteer for telephone.

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Applying as a candidate for phone (telephone) module

I would also like to volunteer for telephone. I work with nick_schuch and our employer contributes time for core work.

I would also like to volunteer for telephone. I'm the maintainer of the contrib phone.module, which has just been freshly rewritten against libphonenumber (though we're in the process of rewriting libphonenumber as a nice PSR-0 library and having an actual versioned release, rather than the rolling release that libphonenumber forces us into).

Our intent is to start moving some of the validation and parsing from the contrib phone module into core (including a dependency on our new phone number parsing/validation library). I'm not sure if this will happen in time for Drupal 8, but it is our long-term goal to make it happen.

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Applying as co candidate for phone (telephone) module

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Adding myself to the telephone maintainer candidate list.

Not sure why Entity Reference was added to the summary, it already has two maintainers :)

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Updated issue summary.

I'd also like to volunteer for telephone. I'm maintaining a contrib backport of it now for Drupal 7:

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Thanks everyone for offering to take this on! Let's get what we can confirm into the maintainer list now and then go from there. Since it's been awhile, I quickly checked issue queue participation for the components listed to see who's already active among those that have volunteered. (I've left off @sun for the time being since he has not been active for a long time.)


2 open issues:
@zuuperman: (1 fixed issue)


12 open issues:


7 open issues:
@swentel: (3 open issues)


7 open issues:
@yched: (2 open issues, 4 fixed)


4 open issues:
@cweagans: (None yet)
@Dave Reid: (1 fixed issue)
@nick_schuch: (None yet)
@tim-e: (None yet)


13 open issues:
@Stalski: (None yet)

Attached adds those who have already been active in the components they've volunteered for. @Stalski, @cweagans, @nick_schuch, and @tim-e, are you still interested in these roles? If so it might be good to put a bit of time into those queues. :) (Actually, if everyone I've added could confirm as well that they're still up for this, that would be good.)

Also, I don't think we need four maintainers for telephone--it's not that big of a module to begin with. Any chance any of you would be interested in helping out with a different field module, or with a different component in core? There are lots of components without maintainers, and lots of components that could use additional help for the current maintainers.

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updated with current MAINTAINERS.txt

That was marked as a dupe of #2050477: [META] Identify component maintainers for components with no maintainer listed in MAINTAINERS.txt (sorry, didn't find the original somehow!)

Issue tags:+Component maintainers

More than happy to put my name down for maintainer of telephone module. However, it is a simple module and if it gets in the road of new maintainers (@tim-e if he's still keen) I would be more than happy to look at maintaining a different module as identified in #2050477.

Still fine for me.

Also still fine for me. Point well taken: I will start the issue queue for text.

Still fine for me.

me too

Status:Needs review» Reviewed & tested by the community

Alright, thanks everyone! We'll go with the patch in #16 for now, and then file some followup issues when e.g. @Stalski has had a chance to do some work on the Text issues.

Shamefully RTBCing my own patch. Don't try this at home, kids.

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What's the extra line in the patch right before Cache System for?

Other than that, I agree with your RTBC since you documented these people are helping out and also they confirmed they want the job.

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Oopsie. :) And this is why we shouldn't RTBC our own patches. I meant it as an educational demonstration.... uhuh. Um.

This time I concur. :)

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Committed and pushed to 8.x. Thanks!

Was on vacation in Kansas City, and I see the patch was already committed, but yes, I'm still up for maintaining telephone. I actively maintain the backport in contrib, and have been reviewing the core queue weekly.

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Updated issue summary.