If there are no editable fields or anything else about the uploaded media that require additional user input, the edit-media modal dialog should not be displayed after uploading media. We've just updated a site to most recent dev which includes #1426730: Automatically open the file edit modal after uploading a file, and this new behavior is confusing the heck out of users.


A - check whether the file entity has any additional fields. If not, suppress the dialog?

B - provide a way to override this behavior per-field and for wysiwyg. I just want it gone.


Yeah, there are definitely cases where the behavior introduced in that issue is very bad for usability.

If I'm not mistaken, the behavior has since moved from Media to File Entity, though (#1553114: Adding files should be a multi-step process) so it may be that any patch to change it would need to be against File Entity now?

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Status:Active» Closed (duplicate)

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That happens to fix it if you're using File Entity 7.x-2.0-unstable7, but with File Entity 7.x-2.x-dev all it does is remove the duplicate screen; the original edit screen itself is still there. The goal of uploading a file to a field and being immediately directed back to where you came from (without being forced to pass through the edit screen) still isn't met.

However, as mentioned above, this does appear to be a File Entity issue now... and #1848034: Remove ctools edit form after uploading a new file in media browser takes care of everything Media module can do about it. So, moving projects.

Title:Provide a way to suppress the edit modal dialog after uploadProvide a way to suppress the edit screen after file upload

Maybe it would help if we had two buttons on the Upload form: 'Upload and Edit' and 'Upload'. The former would show step 3 of the form and the latter would skip it.

what about potential required fields attached to file bundle though?

My preferred solution would involve a permission I think, something like "edit file after uploading".

If a role does not have that permission, and there are no required fields without default values, suppress the edit dialog.

If there are required fields which do not have default values, always show the dialog.

This would allow more fine-grained control over who needs to see that dialog.

Note that for people who just want the edit form gone now, there is a patch in #1927506: Allow the user of plupload on file/add without multiform that will do it.

Also, note that that patch doesn't cater for required fields on the file.