The create/VIE/Backbone port is taking place in parallel in the D7 and D8 versions of this module.

D7 - branch: node/1808076-createjs-d7 - #1808076: Convert edit module JavaScript to use Create.js, VIE, and Backbone
D8 - branch: node/1824100-createjs-d8 - this issue

The difference between the two branches should boil down to how the libraries are included. We're pushing for create.js and VIE to be included in D8 Core. Backbone is already in Core.

@frega, @bergie and myself will work on finishing this at next week.

Edit issues:
- #1813060: Backbone Conversion - code structure, build process and additional tooling?
- #1823200: Backbone Conversion: "Unsaved changes" modal not implemented, "contentChanged"-event not triggered on form-based editables

- #1774312: Create.js: yay or nay *and*: when?


Title:Migrate Edit's JS to leverage Create.jsConvert edit module JavaScript to use Create.js, VIE, and Backbone (D8)

This work will take place in the branch node/1824100-createjs

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