adding a user, when one or more fields is added to the user account, is frustrating because the fields is not shown on the create form. so you have to add a user, then edit the user to fill in values.

But, that is not really true. It's fine if the person adding the field to the user account sees the check box to display the field on the user create form.

We can help the site builder who added the field to the user, and then tries to go back and find where the setting is to make it show on the of the form, but they cannot find the setting.

Proposed resolution

Putting the "Display on user registration form" setting also the Manage Display tab for user account settings could prevent the confusion I had.

Remaining tasks

  • Done: write precise steps to reproduce problem
  • Done: screenshot
  • Done: check field display tab to see if can make create user form have the (aditional) translatable field. Result is the setting is on the edit field (or create field)
  • re-write steps to reproduce that are not language specific
  • think of a way to fix
  • screenshot the fix
  • ui review

User interface changes

Put the "Display on user registration form" setting also the Manage Display tab for user account settings.

API changes

No api changes anticipated.


Was originally a follow up for #1831530: Entity translation UI in core (part 2) but this is language independent.


Status:Active» Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

So this feature (displaying user fields on registration form was added in #501408: Display user fields on registration form in Drupal 7. Question is what would be special about translatable fields that make them not participate in this?! Are you sure you checked the field for display on the registration form properly?

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I have not checked the display tab yet. I'll do that now.

  1. Turn on entity translation module in Extend
  2. Add a language in Configuration
  3. Enable translation for user in Configuration > Account Settings
  4. Manage fields tab to add a new text field (be sure to enable translation in the last field setting window that comes up)
  5. Check the Manage Display tab (no setting to show on user create)
  6. Add a user in People
  7. Don't see the translatable field that was added (AH! this might not be a translation issue, could be a general problem for profile...)
  8. Save (Create new user)
  9. List users
  10. Edit the new user [note: would be nice to know there which were (potentially) shared. Not central to this issue.]
  11. See the field there.

Screenshots coming.

account manage fields


manage display tab


create user form missing the field


edit user has the field



next I'm going to check profile as this might just be the way drupal works.

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AH. In the edit field there is a place to require it on create user: "Display on user registration form."

Next Steps

So, this is a closed works as designed.

Status:Closed (works as designed)» Closed (cannot reproduce)

Or more accurately cannot reproduce. :)

Title:translatable fields on user accounts do not show when creating a userput "display on user registration form" also in Manage Display tab for user account settings
Component:translation_entity.module» user.module
Status:Closed (cannot reproduce)» Active

Putting the "Display on user registration form" setting also the Manage Display tab for user account settings could prevent the confusion I had.

Is there any place in Drupal where the same setting is exposed in different places?

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Updated issue summary with remaining task idea to check field display tab

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Updated issue summary to reflect the move to user component. not a multilingual problem.

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There is now the manage form display tab to fix this.

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Updated issue summary, to take out the translation specific stuff.