Is it possible to use Field Collections for the Views Slideshow module? I've been trying to use them together, but have not been successful yet. It's a great use-case for Field Collection, as you can create something like a 'Media Item' that has an image along with accompanying text, a link for the image, and other info. Sure hope someone can explain how to this!


Hi, did you find any solutions for this? I just cant solve it. I have a field collection with 5 single imagefields (not multivalue) in it. And I would like the slideshow to rotate these five images.

Any solutions?

No, I didn't find a solution for this unfortunately. I have since had a nice recommendation for the Dynamic display block module, although I haven't used it myself. Based on your description, the Field Slideshow module might be useful, and it reportedly works with the field collection module.

There is a mention in this comment "Views Slideshow with Field Collections" about a possible solution for this. I have not tested it yet.

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