This is a follow up to #501428: Date and time field type in core to add a jQuery timepicker to the core date field as a fallback for browsers that don't support the HTML5 time element.

Postponed until the date field makes it in.


I guess you had a concrete differentiation in mind when filing this issue, but can you clarify why this is not a duplicate of #1835016: Polyfill date input type?

That issue is for adding the jquery datepicker for the date element. That is already in core, so we don't need to choose and add a datepicker, we just need to decide how to use it as a fallback when the HTML5 date element doesn't work.

This issue is about a timepicker for the time element. There is no timepicker in core, so we need both to decide what/whether to add a jquery timepicker to core, and if so, which one. And then we have the same issue about how to use it only as a fallback when the HTML5 timepicker doesn't work.

Title:Add a jquery timepicker to date fieldsAdd a jquery timepicker to the date field time element

Maybe this title is better.

Title:Add a jquery timepicker to the date field time elementAdd jQuery Timepicker for the Time element of the datetime field
Component:javascript» datetime.module
Status:Postponed» Active
Issue tags:+JavaScript, +html5, +polyfill


looks like we are using in D7 for time picker and it is very close to HTML 5 time picker (Except the arrows in right). Are we OK to add it to core for time?