This is a follow up to #501428: Date and time field type in core. Once the date field is in it needs better Views integration. It needs a filter and argument that have logical settings for date fields rather than the plain string filter and argument provided as the default.

This is currently blocked until the field gets in, but even fixing it in contrib is blocked by #1833296: Unable to alter views data.


Title:Add better Views integration for date fieldImproved Views integration for date field

Fixing title

Title:Improved Views integration for date fieldImprove Views integration for datetime field
Component:views.module» datetime.module
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I'm not going to clobber the major queue by bumping this, but this is pretty darn important.


It feels like we should bring in the features of the date filter/sort to support datetime values as well,
so something similar to what you started on #241759: Better date filter and continued in the date module?

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I'm going to claim this one for now. We'll see.

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Haven't had the time :(

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Let me try that.