Even with "Add the country code if not filled by the user" un-checked the default code is added to numbers where the country code has been omitted. This isn't expected functionality so I presume it's a bug?



This setting isn't yet properly configured for all countries, can you please tell which countries have you tested and got this bug?

If I add a UK number (mobile or non-mobile) without the country code (e.g. 01460xxxxxx ) the module still seems to convert it to +1 1460xxxxxx even with the 'Add the country code if not filled by the user' check box unchecked (I have '1' as the default code below that check box).

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Are you using the formatter/validator for Great Britain or international? If you will only accept Great Britain phones, you should use this formatter/validator.

Here's a screenshot...

I'm using International. I just gave Great Britain as an example.