It would be good to discuss bootstrap and how menus should work by default.

We then need to provide a way for users to override the defaults.

The expectation of users with bootstrap menus is different.

Currently there are at least the following different expectations:
- User expects a standard menu with links (no dropdowns)
- User expects a menu with menu items displayed in a dropdown
- User expects a menu with menu items in a dropdown which also contain additional submenus!

The tricky part is that, additional to the above expectations is the desire for some to override the bootstrap method of using a menu item (which contains a submenu) as a click activator for the submenu (to support touch based screens).

How to we solve this?
We need to decide on a convention for how bootstrap menus should be configured out of the box. We then should communicate this convention to users, so they are not confused when they first install the theme.

We also need to have some way of overriding the default method bootstrap uses to manage menus. So if the user wants the menu to behave in a different way, they can just make a change, without thinking that there is something wrong with the theme.


I've raised this issue as a point of discussion, once we get some ideas and agreement, we can work out the implementation.



I think it should be configured the way Bootstrap intends at first, where a top-level dropdown simply activates the menu, and is not a link itself, and then perhaps write in the readme or reference this issue on how to override some of the data-toggle="dropdown" and hard-coded href="#" settings if they so choose.

Or perhaps just make this theme support a third-party module like Menu Block, which has that functionality be default, and we could just provide some styling for it.

You forget to mention one thing :

- User expects to use menu block instead of the old deprecated $primary and $secondary variables

I want to bump this up since sidebar menus on pages displaying the active menu link and sibling/submenu items are extremely common. By default this is not possible (as mentioned above).

The menu block has several settings for the user to manipulate the visibility of the menu but Bootstrap overrides that functionality it seems.

What I would like to see is the same functionality in a sidebar menu as is used in Bootstrap collapsed menus for mobiles since it collapses vertically and doesn´t flow over the sidebar to the right.

The only difference is that I would not want all the menu items to be hidden behind the button like on mobile but to have all sibling menus visible. So when clicking a sibling menu it would just collapse vertically.

I need the following behavoirs of menu:

  1. Items of user menu are centered in the dropdown menu for mobile, instead of floating left now.
  2. User menu in mobile collapses automatically when the button loses focus. Now I have to click the button again to shrink user menu.

i would really like to be able to "mix" config for menu options like this:

1) not mobile: all options as they are right now

2) mobile: separate settings, which allows for fix to BOTTOM which is becoming a standard for "thumb based navigation with one hand" on mobile

Please add a setting to disable collapse for mobiles completely, for when you want to use alternative modules to handle this (tb_megamenu).