When using Panopoly Magic with Panels i18n (das-peters) there are settings that completely disappear.

This looks like a specific unset is unsetting the override title form.

Basically the following screenshot is unable to be shown with panopoly magic installed and is needed for a Panels Title to be translated. ^_^


I can't reproduce... could you please give more details, such as what kind of panel (mini panel, panel node, etc) it is, and what the Title type that panel is set to (No title, manually set, from pane)?

I'll test this in more depth soon. Going to add some notes here for me (and anyone who gets to it before me).
The i18n Panels module is a sandbox project which can be found at http://drupal.org/sandbox/daspeter/1444130 -- there are also a handful of patches which need to be applied the uuid / panels to get it working.

My best guess is that this error occurs when adding a fieldable panels pane? We're probably a little overzealous in panopoly magic when cleaning up those forms

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Let's see about cleaning that up!

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Hey just adding a quick patch to panopoly_core so can be easily reviewed.

Also am using:

projects[i18n_panels][type] = module
projects[i18n_panels][subdir] = contrib
projects[i18n_panels][download][type] = git
projects[i18n_panels][download][url] = git://git.drupal.org/sandbox/daspeter/1444130.git
projects[i18n_panels][download][revision] = 9380b11
projects[i18n_panels][download][branch] = 7.x-1.x

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I think I am going to postpone this for now as I know @populist is really busy and it should be up to me to provide exact reproducible steps to find the problem. Will reopen when I have those steps.

How are things looking these days? It looks like i18n Panels got an update and I just updated a bunch of the Panels modules. Happy to dive into this or push up a patch if you can point me in the right direction.