Locale module uses an array to store data of translatable projects and available translations during its translation update batch processes. Further different (helper) function are used to process the project related data. Readability and maintainability of the code could be improved by combining functions and data storage in a TranslatableProject class and by using a typed class to store the translation file data. Suggested by Berdir in #1804688: Download and import interface translations #14. This gives the opportunity to simplify the way the $source data is handled within the batch operations as suggested in #14 of the same issue.

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Tagging for extra attention ;)

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Should this not be based on Update module representing projects with a class instance first and foremost?

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I think this should be postponed on introducing project classes themselves, no? That is #1832946: Create a small project API to be used by Update and Locale.


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Sharing my ideas of how to improve the readability and maintainability of the code by aggregating the project translation state and helper functions into one class. The patch is build on top of #1998056: Automatically update interface translations using cron #25 and therefore quires that patch to be applied first.

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The last submitted patch, locale-project-translation-object-1842380-5.patch, failed testing.

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Updated issue summary.

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The patch file which i was applying is not there.
File path:
also checked on git.

The patch file is for core/modules/locale/lib/Drupal/locale/ProjectTranslationState.php
which does not exist in core module.

The patch needs to be rerolled first. See https://drupal.org/patch/reroll‎ for instructions.

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Status:Needs review» Needs work

The last submitted patch, 12: locale-project-translation-object-1842380-12.patch, failed testing.

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The last submitted patch, 15: locale-project-translation-object-1842380-15.patch, failed testing.

Unassigning @akshay.swnt2. If you are still woking of the issue, please tell us here.

After discussing with Sutharsan I'm proposing the next solution:

- we wait until #1842362: Replace locale_project table and improve caching will be committed
- we rewrite the interface for the project storage to return TranslatableProject instances
- we rewrite the interface for project storage to save TranslatableProjects inside the key value store. We can create a toArray() method on the translatable projects class.
- we'll store the translation status for each project inside the TranslatableProject data, this means it will be saved with the other project data in the key value store into the locale.project collection.

I propose also the following class names:
- project storage: LocaleProjectStorage
- translatable project class: LocaleTranslatableProject or just TranslatableProject