Tested in a vanilla install of RC3. Videos are not inserted correctly. Switching to using CKEditor seams to fix the issue. So it has something to do with TinyMCE and the latest version of the media modules.


created a ticket on the media_youtube backlog. #1842988: insert youtube media doesn't work with tinyMCE editor.

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I can confirm this to be a problem and believe we need to check out the way that the thumbnail, preview, and full content displays work before RC4.

Confirming the issue; tried removing the Verify HTML on the WYSIWYG config and removing any HTML parsing on the WYSIWYG text formatter, no dice. Also tried playing with versions of TinyMCE; see mirzu's issue.

Any chance we could switch to CKEditor in panoply? That seams to have solved the problem for me and since spark is now using CKEditor I'm curious to understand what features TinyMCE provides that we need.

@mirzu image_caption is now supporting TinyMCE.

The issue with videos not properly going in the WYSIWYG is related to TinyMCE and its situation.

CKEditor is the future. I opened an issue to get it working #1965864: Support CKEditor in Panopoly.

@populist what do you mean by "its situation"? Has it been abandoned? I thought Wordpress was using it (and thus, the attention of 10% of the sites in the web).

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It seems to have been fixed in most recent Panopoly. Please reopen if that is not the case.

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Automatically closed - issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.