Warning: class_implements() [function.class-implements]: Class MailsystemDelegateMailSystem does not exist and could not be loaded in drupal_mail_system() (line 276 of /XXX/includes/mail.inc).
Class MailsystemDelegateMailSystem does not implement interface MailSystemInterface

There is a typo in the .info file - the case of the actual filename is different to what is there, and on our systems that stops the class being loaded when needed. The attached patch fixes this.


After looking at the code I suggest to rename the file MailSystemDelegateMailSystem.inc into MailsystemDelegateMailSystem.inc instead of updating the info file because the contained class actually is named MailsystemDelegateMailSystem.

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Attached patch renames the file instead.

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"MailsystemDelegateMailSystem" is more precise camel-casing, anyway. Works in my testing.

Patch #2 works for me too. Thanks!