I'm not sure if this is a Toa issue, or a wysisywg issue. If i'm mistaken, I will create a new issue at the wysiwyg module.

The toa reset.css has the following code on line 84:

ol, ul, ul, ul li {
list-style: none;

As a use the Rubik theme as my admin theme, the list-items i create in wysiwyg-fields are being overridden by reset.css. Can you add a line of code that prevents this from happening to fields (textareas)?

See this screenshot for more details:
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Screen-Shot-2012-11-23-at-14.43.jpg122.68 KBThrixke


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I am experiencing a very similar issue which I have pretty much parred down to being a problem with the TAO theme.

Im using CKEditor, and because of the reset.css styles, the paragraph tags in the body of CKEditor do not have margins before or after them. Essentially all of the paragraphs are running together.

I inspected the css and noticed the P tags are inheriting a "margin: 0;" property from the reset.css file.

However, I can't make ANY changes to the file that are being picked up. For example, I tried removing the "p" tag from the offending style, but when I upload to my server, refresh the page, and inspect the css, the p tag is still in the css document -- almost like it's locked in.

I even deleted everything out of the css file and uploaded a blank document. Still no cigar.

I DO NOT have caching on and I do not have any CSS compression. Every style on my website alters except for those in reset.css.

I found this answer online, but it doens't fix the problem: http://drupal.stackexchange.com/questions/7837/tao-overriding-parent-res...

The ONLY way I am able to eliminate the styles is to DELETE the reset.css file altogether. That is not right. So I know there is something missing here.

Any ideas? Anyone else facing this issue?