Everything else works fine, logging in profile mapping etc however when i try to modify the settings in group authorization they appear to get saved at table 'ldap_servers' correctly however when i visit the server modify page the fields are back to empty values. When i test for a user and a group i get the feature disabled for all group authorizations. The only ones that seem to keep their values are "Name of Group Object Class" and the check box "Groups are not relevant to this Drupal site."

I attach the screen shot from the drupal configuration page and the phpmyadmin that shows that some fields are in fact populated.

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Can you clarify this some. Please give the paths to the forms and the fields that are not working. e.g. admin/config/people/ldap/servers/edit/SERVER ID or admin/config/people/ldap/authorization/edit/drupal_role

The screen attachment is not needed, just the fields that are failing to work and how.

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sorry i thought i had attached a a screenshot :(
here it is


Edit: the fields that are not working are from "Nested groups are used in my LDAP" and below. I spoke to one of our developers and their believe that in ldap/ldap_servers/LdapServerAdmin.class.php the default values are not given for the admin form.

However the real problem is that when I test a valid user for group memberships I get a not configured response.

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I'm having the same issue with the simpletests. But the UI works fine for me. Do you have the same problems with a clean install of the module? Did you run update.php?

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I was able to reproduce this. It has to do with the load/save code and ctools. I'm working on it.

Awesome thank you :)

A quick fix for this may be to enable ctools module.

Yeap it seems to fix everything :) including the tests.
Wouldn't an entry in .info require chaos tools to be enabled? or that isn't what you want?

its not required. its just that it handles the configuration loading different than when its not in play. I'm thinking about making it required just to avoid the extra testing involved.

Without ctools, drupal role -> group authorization is unusable so either you need to make ctools required (i guess the check does not work as it should) or rewrite it so ctools are not needed.

Title:Group authorization not working for some reasonLDAP Authorization: Group authorization not working for some reason

I've got it working without ctools, but its part of a larger cleanup of authorization see #1845358: LDAP Authorization. General cleanup for 7.x-2.0

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I've made ctools a dependency for the time being for ldap_servers. I can't commit the changes I made to ldap servers until I commit the changes to ldap_authorization, so I have to wait until all is well with ldap authorization again. Leaving as active. The simpltests for the UI now check with both ctools on and off.

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The new code deals with ctools better. Can you try this against the current 7.x-2.x-dev code? See http://drupal.org/node/1115704#comment-6804496

Yes I will try it ASAP

I cannot disable Chaos Tools, is it how its supposed to be?

Otherwise from a fast test it seems to work fine.

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There are some other ctools/features/exportables isssues still, but am closing this one.

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