My site is having this error


"The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later."

Actually when i created a user and logged in along with it this error occurs.
Please help me...

Thanks in advance


1). I created a user named 'webmaster' having permission to upload content it is different with admin.
2). When i log in with this user this error comes on my screen with site logo.
3). Later on when i click on logo site runs without error.

I dont why this error come....i think its all about profile2/profile2_registration_path module or any thing else.


I guess you didn't try following any of the 560 other identical issue reports. On that page I linked to, #1, #5 have debugging clues to try. Probably half the others also.

The short answer is look at your server logs
If you don't know how, then the long answer is find out where your server logs are, then look at them

Thanks...I will check it out.


When i disable profile2 module and log in with any user i get no error.
but when i enable profile2 and profile2 registration path and log in with any user except admin i get same error and url is "".