Entity Cache requires that all updates be done thru the proper *_save methods, rather than db_update/drupal_write_record/whatever. Patch forthcoming.

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Here it is, seems to fix the "The video conversion process has failed. You might want to submit a simpler video format like mpeg or divx avi.
If the problem persists contact your website administrator. Please check logs for further debugging." message, which is shown when Entity Cache is installed and the video has actually been converted fine but a cache clear is required to see the update.

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I have replaced all instances of drupal_write_record() with file_save(), there were two more. Now there are no drupal_write_record() invocations that write to entity tables.

Nice! Thanks!

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Unfortunately I need to open this again as any video file deletion causes a big blowup. I'll paste it in and supply more details soon.

Any news?

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