I created a template and selected a set of taxonomy terms and choose "exposed". Then I created a list and associated it with the template. These terms appear on the subscriber signup form and the admin subscribers section when editing an individual subscriber, however, if a user selects some of terms at signup, or if an admin edits an existing subscriber to select some terms to be subscribed to, these selections are never remembered. No matter what I do either all or none of the terms are remembered as selected.

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ouch..we need tests for that

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any updates on this?

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Please test this patch

I tried the changes within the patch and it works! Thanks a lot, Paris.

(I didn't apply the patch but edit the code by hand)

Hello again,

I realized that (with patch applied) when one user saves his/her categories, the categories are overwritten for all users.

Could you please check it up, please, because whit this behaviour is unusable again,

Thanks a lot.

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sigh, yeah i cant believe how nobody noticed that so far...good catch!
try this

That last patch fixed the #6 post.

Thanks a lot, sir.