I am using File (Field) Paths 7.x-1.0-beta3 and have my Image field on my Basic Page content type configured to upload to the images/page directory in my files directory.

However, whenever I upload an image, it just goes into the root of the Files directory. I did have File Field Sources enabled, but have since disabled it, cleared cache, and restarted the server, and this problem is still happening. :(

EDIT: As an additional note for completeness, I also previously had the Media plugin enabled, but have also since disabled it since I thought maybe it was causing File (Field) Paths not to work. But, as noted above, even with Media and File Field Sources disabled, the issue still occurs.


I'm having the same problem. The images are set to upload to images/galleries. However, they upload to default/files folder. Has someone found a solution to this? I'm using Drupal 7 with filefield_paths module 7.x-1.0-beta3. I tried the dev version with the same results.

Same here. Using filefield_paths module 7.x-1.0-beta3, media 7.x-2.0-unstable7.

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Can I confirm that you are actually saying that it isn't working after you've save the node?

Just to be clear, File (Field) Paths doesn't move the file until the node has been saved as the Node tokens can't be known until the Node has been created.

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I can confirm this one, I have a path set but the file is still going into the old path as defined by the field settings *before* I enabled this module

@Deciphered Might be some way to reword this on the front page of your project some how, tho it is clearly written at the bottom

'When you are creating or updating a node the full values for the Node tokens may not yet be known by Drupal, so the File (Field) Paths module will upload your files to a temporary path based on your filepath pattern ('files/[nid]') and then once you save the node and Drupal is provided with the Node tokens values the file will be moved to the appropriate location.'

I guess the ambiguity here is 'may', because the token for me atleast always knows what userID I am (my path is something like [current-user:uid])

so really one needs to

- disable filefield_paths , set the "file directory" to tmp/ or something
- enable filefield_paths, set your preferred location
- save the node and the file should be serving from the right location


But you are saying that it does get moved to the correct place after you save the node, yes?

Yes the documentation does need updating as the documentation refers to the old way the module worked, but at the moment my concern is that this issues says that the file doesn't get moved at all, if that is no longer the case, that it does get moved correctly and it's purely a confusion over when the file gets moved I'm happy to change this issue to a documentation issue.

yes that's correct, only AFTER saving it gets moved to the right location, the location before saving is what ever was originally set in the directory/filepath settings before I enabled FFP

Yup, so I think just tidy the documentation is all that's required here

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Marking this as a Documentation task, it will get resolved as soon as I can possibly do so, but at the moment I'm concentrating on getting all open bug reports for D7 dealt with with the intent of getting a stable release out ASAP.

I would be more than open to anyone working on potential documentation alternatives to clarify this issue.

I think just move the comment about it moving the file to real the location AFTER the entity is saved to the top of your project page somewhere

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