The encloser tag is not present in my feed. My feed is here Do you know what could be wrong?


I found the encloser tag, but still not uploading the audio could someone look at my xml file and see what I might have done wrong?

In the encloser I see it is is supposed to be but instead is see it is encloser>some url Could this be something wrong with the code or a setting issue?

After digging through this problem I saw that RSS element is not present when I am editing the field. Can somone plese help me with this? Thanks.

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I assume you are talking about <enclosure> tag? Second assumption is that the feed in question is, is that right?

Then I'd say that enclosures look perfectly fine in your feed, Feed Validator does not complain about them at all (although it complains about few other things which you might want to look into).

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