In Users self edit section "LDAP Entries that have been provisioned from this Drupal user. " always displays. When a user logs in and goes to "edit" their account the is a "widget" that allows them to add ldap entries titled "LDAP Entries that have been provisioned from this Drupal user." I see this field in People>Account Settings>Manage Fields/Display and it is set to be a hidden text field. I do not see how to hide this option from users. I've attached a screen shot of what is displayed.


Can you reattach the screenshot? This may be a duplicate of #1831224: LDAP User: Fields visible to user in user/uid/edit form when LDAP modules disabled. Is the ldap_user module enabled when the user sees these? Or do they just appear when its disabled?

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It sounds very similar , but not quite, the problem is that, if I'm understanding correctly the hidden field is actually showing.

Title:In Users self edit section "LDAP Entries that have been provisioned from this Drupal user. " always displays.LDAP User: user entity field 'ldap_user_prov_entries' has group heading showing in user profile form
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Gotcha now. Definately a different issue. What is happenning is that the field is hidden, but since it has a cardinality of "FIELD_CARDINALITY_UNLIMITED" a heading is showing even though each instance of the field is hidden.

This should be fixed with css or a field widget override. A quick fix is just to edit the field and remove the label and description in admin/config/people/accounts/fields. The little drag and drop box would still show though.

There must be a better way of dealing with this situation. Maybe it would be simpler just to require a hidden field module.

Version:7.x-2.0-beta2» 7.x-2.x-dev

I installed in my test environment but didn't see any differences. Should I be looking for something in particular?

No. Nothing has changed on this issue yet. If you are generally testing with 7.x-2.0-dev, just test whatever you would normally test and see if any new bugs are introduced.

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It looks like might do the trick for this.

In the mean time could we at least shorten the field labels? I was doing some work importing users via feeds and these long names made for an unusably-wide dropdown menu. I've attached a patch with updated labels, although we'd also probably have to have a db update for this too.

I think requiring field_hidden is the way to go for ldap_user module. If someone wants to write the patch it would be great. Its silly to duplicate field_hidden's functionality and fields can't remain visible.

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Changing status, as there is a patch.

great will test in the next few days and let you know.

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a css fix to hide the fields is probably most appropriate at this point until drupal 8.

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I believe the attached patch does the trick as far as css goes.

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I committed this. Thanks.

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