I recently edited some fields, and noticed my custom permissions weren't working right. So, I went to edit the field. It turns out that I can still select the "custom permissions" radio button, but all of the checkbox selectors have disappeared. Therefore, after saving the field, the custom permissions were deleted. I can still access the settings through the config page for the module, which acts as a workaround, but the regular settings that should be in the edit field page are no longer there.


I'm also getting this issue... :( it worked fine for a while, but something happened

I started getting these errors on the page - I'm not sure if it's relevant, but it seems that there are 7 error fields, and 7 entries with a comma followed by a blank in the 'used in' field? Just something I noticed... Any help much appreciated

image at http://s9.postimage.org/j51k916v2/Field_list_Stall_Spot_1357519495064.jpg
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I managed to get rid of my red errors shown by going to admin/reports/fields/tools - there next to some fields there was an empty bullet point - so I clicked on 'delete' and deleted the null associated nodes.

However, in field permissions, the table is still not displaying when selecting the custom option - it seems as though the ajax died as it does nothing at all...

if i turn javascript off, the table is there... with js on it isn't, and doesn't appear when selecting the radio button

sorry, my bad - in my case it was the combo of this and loggintoboggan that was the issue.
patched here: http://drupal.org/node/1365764#comment-6624824

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Please produce the steps you used to cause this issue (additional modules installed, custom configuration, possible custom javascript, etc.). Also, does this issue present itself in a clean install?

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