Hi guys, i have been working for many hours now on my homepage http://tgone.eu/ And i cant get the 2nd sidebar on the right place :( I hope anyone inhere can help me. I want to to look like this again: http://www.ajtoft.com/div/Unavngivet.png
And can anyone please help with the mainmenu!! Why is the mainmenu background so big??


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use box-sizing: border-box; for things you add width to that you really should not. This will not help old browsers that do not understand what that is, although you can polyfill for it.

When you add a border it adds width, its that extra width that is breaking the layout. You should notice that the original does not have such borders and was not designed to have such a thing, not without the use of box-sizing or an inner wrapper on the side bar regions.

The menu has all sorts of margins around it on various elements. Use firebug etc to find and remove or override.

Tip - if you ask for CSS help be sure CSS aggregation is OFF, I can tell you that none of us can be bothered debugging your changes against aggregated CSS, because we cannot tell where a particular bit of CSS is coming from.

Version:7.x-3.0-rc1» 7.x-2.2

The version you are using is not 7.x-3.x, if you were there would be inner wrappers on the regions which you could use for the borders on the sidebar regions.

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I have turned the CSS aggregation OFF.
What should i do to make it better??
How do i update my version to latest??

Priority:Critical» Normal

Please do not change the priority, support requests are never critical (critical bugs means the software is crashing your site sort of thing).

Ok, sorry about that

If you are cunning you will make region templates for the sidebars and add the inner wrapper in those ;)

How do i do that?? Sorry for being a noob

I have fixed the issue with the 2nd sidebar - But i still have a issue with the menu background, it's to big. And it's only if i use Superfish menu.