the Drupal Commerce Shiny admin theme has some really nice big buttons and seems more usable than Seven to me, especially the Debut Apps

see attached screens


I like Shiny but I'm not convinced it warrants adding a new dependency. Might be some branding issues, e.g., #1789672: Remove the Kickstart logo and "Proudly built by Commerce Guys".

Related question is theming in RedHen, which isn't optimal in Seven. There's, but I don't relish the prospect of introducing yet another base theme (Zen). Would be worth seeing how well Shiny works with RedHen.

There is agreement in the linked issue that the Kickstart & Commerce Guys branding should be removed.
We'd also accept any patches needed for Open Outreach (Redhen, etc) to look good.

The Shiny styling has now mostly made it into Drupal 8 (the big blue action buttons, also the dropbuttons), and the changes themselves are pretty minimal, so I consider Shiny a nice and safe improvement over Seven.

I actually reverted back to using Rubik. Shiny has too big text... too much scrolling

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Main issue here is adding another base theme.