I have added some content to the nodequeue associated with the homepage rotator. I extended the queue size from 5 to 6 incorporate some additional content. When I added the 6th item, the homepage rotator placed it at the front of the queue and the last item in the queue is no longer being displayed. The numerical indicators at the bottom ofthe rotator are still only showing 5 items. I also tried to set the queue size to 0 (infinite) with the same results. The nodequeue settings indicate that there are 6 items in the correct positions so I believe that it is most likely an issue with the homepage rotator and not the nodequeue. Is there a reason why the homepage rotator is not displaying the nodequeue correctly.


You will want to edit the homepage rotator view to allow for more than 5 items. I should have done this originally. I have updated dev, it should make its way to a stable release pretty soon.

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I am new to Drupal and openchurch. I looked under Structure->Views and the only one closely related is the nodequeue_1 view and I've changed to pager settings to 10 but it still doesn't seem to work. Are you referring to another place or am I in the right spot?

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Issue has been resolved. Reset all configuration of nodequeue and added new content. Was able to get it to work properly.

im having the same problem. Ive increased the queue size but i can only see 4 of the items.

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