Is this included in jQuery UI 1.8.11?


Try this module

Are you seroious? better Tip makes Tooltips to all titles by default. This not so cooland it makes not tooltips to images.
Anyway back to topic:
$( document ).tooltip(); as described in jQuery UI is not working :-(
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Yeah, I can't seem to get it to work either. Doing a grep "tooltip" * inside the jquery_update/replace/ui/ui directory yields nothing -- why isn't this included?

This isn't available because it wasn't added until jQuery UI 1.9 (see the top of this page:

@avr -- Ah! That would make sense. Thanks!


By using jQuery plugins, you can use tooltip Widget of jQuery in your drupal.

drupal_add_library('jquery_plugin', 'tooltip');

to THEME_NAME_theme_preprocess_page function in template.php in your theme directory.

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