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Last updated: December 18, 2012 - 16:32

Release notes

Here's the changelog:

- Issue #1017538: Add support for mapping taxonomy term weights
- Issue #925716: Zero values imported as NULL from CSVs using Feeds by tmcw
- Back-port of from 7.x to 6.x.
- Issue #1087622: Notice: Undefined index: processing in FeedsBatch->getTotal() by Dane Powell | IRuslan
- Issue #1567878: Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$taxonomy by Dane Powell
- Issue #1241754: Add targets for author name and email in node processor. by twistor, Robin Monks | j0e
- Issue #1372074: feeds_http_request does not cache when using drupal_http_request. by twistor, emackn
- Issue #1271502: Notice: Undefined index: FeedsXPathParserXML in FeedsSource->getConfigFor() when running cron by twistor | oobie11
- Issue #724536: Mapper for nodereference field in Drupal 6 by joshuajabbour, twistor, jeffschuler, milesw, victormoya,
alex_b, tauno, Nephele | katsikas
- Issue #1688294: Invalid URL (even though it's valid) by twistor | Rob_Feature
- Issue #1112876: Support digest auth by chx
- Issue #1070604: Feed's nid in mappings by Bob�k
- Issue #1742740: Add magic method __isset() to FeedsConfigurable to use default entity wrapping by Staratel
- Issue #1736976: Trim feed urls to remove accidental spaces by Chaulky
- Issue #1724200: Support for drupal_http_request() timeout by balazs.hegedus
- Issue #1792318: Invalid multibyte sequence in tests/feeds.test by psynaptic
- Issue #1420360: Common Syndication Parser sometimes creates php warning when feed item title is empty by anarchocoder
- Issue #1191498: Set drupal_set_message to not repeat 'Missing Feeds plugin...' by dooug, twistor
- Issue #912682: CSV Parser: Support Mac-style line endings by alex_b, snyderp, dman | dwhogg

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