I am trying to get a video to convert on save using ffmpeg and the latest dev release (7.x-2.8+13-dev). Upon uploading a video and saving a node I see the message:

Transcoding job was successfully queued for FFmpeg / avconv. The video video.mp4 will be converted soon

But ffmpeg is never launched, the uploaded video never changes from the original, and I see no message of any kind in the log. Is there anyway to view the status of queued videos?

Screenshots of my settings are attached. Am I missing something here? I also tried changing the scheduler setting to use Drupal's built in cron but never got it to convert that way either, even after running cron multiple times and waiting overnight.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

I guess the only way to check the status of the video queue is to look at the video_queue table? I see this there:

select * from video_queue;
| vid | fid | entity_type | entity_id | status | dimensions | duration | started | completed | data                                                                                 | statusupdated |
|   3 |  44 | node        |        16 |      1 | 1280x720   | NULL     |       0 |         0 | a:3:{s:10:"field_name";s:11:"field_video";s:8:"langcode";s:3:"und";s:5:"delta";i:0;} |    1355858369 |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)


This is strange. When cron runs, the videos should be transcoded. Are you familiar with drush?

What happens when you execute drush video-scheduler ?

Thanks for your reply Jorrit. Not sure what's going on with cron but I figured out the problem with it not converting on node submit. I was attaching the video then saving the node without clicking upload. This uploaded the video but for whatever reason did not trigger transcoding. It works when I click attach, then upload, and save.

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I just tested it myself: I selected a file and did not click Upload but submitted the node form directly. For me, this worked and the video was converted at the next cron run. What are your settings at admin/config/media/video/scheduling ?

The only bug is that the video should convert on save when this is selected in the video settings. I'll look into that.

There is no easy fix for that problem, I am afraid.

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