I just wanna to report that spell checking is not working with CKEditor 4.

Does anyone have a solution ?

Thank you per advance...


Does the latest version (4) work for you fine? It doesn't work at all for many users as reported in this thread: http://drupal.org/node/1867526

Yeah it works fine. I wrote 5 articles today without any problems.

Heading, bold, italic works fine. I don't know if all html markup are working.

I've just discovered that the spell checking plugin don't even exist in ckeditor's plugins folder. I tried to download it from ckeditor.com addons and past it into the plugin folder but its not working at all.

After this discovery, I think its to early for ckeditor 4 into drupal.

The spell check plugin is separate - you are using SCAYT, right? It is here: http://ckeditor.com/addon/scayt

When placing it in sites/all/libraries/ckeditor/plugins, nothing happens. If I place it in sites/all/modules/ckeditor/plugins, I get an option for it under 'Editor Appearance' when editing my CKEditor profile. If I check this, it does load as long as I have the menubutton plugin installed as well.

Either way, this should work more cleanly when going from CKEditor 3 to 4. If it is defined as being used in the profile, it should enable itself when upgrading to 4 (if it is present).

Which version did you install? latest DE version or latest stable version? Does it work in Firefox,IE and Chrome browsers too? I doubt... . I think this version has many problems.

@shamio - I am running the latest dev version which has fixes in it for CKEditor 4 support as reported in http://drupal.org/node/1864760. I am currently testing it under Chrome, Firefox, Safari without issues. If you have specific issues, check if there is an existing thread or open a new issue.

Thanks. Honestly i saw this reports but i wanted to make sure about it when many users reported it before installing it.

Yeah I'm using SCAYT.

Previously I tried to install SCAYT into sites/all/modules/ckeditor/ckeditor/plugins folder instead of sites/all/modules/ckeditor/plugins.

SCAYT is working yet. So thanks for the tips vinmassaro

Like I said in my precedent post, I wrote 5 articles with CKEditor 4 without any oder problems.

Yes all plugins should be added to directory "sites/all/modules/ckeditor/plugins" which is checked by CKEditor module and listed as available plugin in CKEditor profile.
U can also define special path for plugins in "CKEditor Global Profile" and there add all plugins.

With last DEV version everything should work with CKEv4.


@dczepierga: while the SCAYT plugin seems to work, I cannot get the WSC (Web Spell Checker) plugin to work at all. After enabling it, its button does not appear on the toolbar when editing the CKeditor profile. I am still seeing a SpellChecker button coming from the CKEditor module.

@vimassaro, do u try to move WSC plugin to "sites/all/modules/ckeditor/plugins"?

The button from WSC is by default in the toolbar, so u don't see any new button - it would be displayed in the editor only if u enable WSC plugin in CKEditor profile.


@dczepierga: aha, moving it to sites/all/modules/contrib/ckeditor/plugins appears to work.

I have the library in sites/all/libraries, and the Global profile configured to find it there, and it works correctly. Building from CKBuilder with the plugin added does not allow Web SpellChecker plugin to work, even with my plugin path set to %l/ckeditor/plugins in the Global profile. I've flushed drupal cache, cleared browser cache, and resaved the CKEditor profile. Any idea how I can get it to work without needing to put this single plugin in sites/all/modules/contrib/ckeditor?

After much hair pulling and confusion, I found out that the WebSpellCheck plugin and SCAYT have been combined under one button in CKEditor 4! You need to add the "Spell Check as You Type" button to your toolbar to access Web Spell Check.

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