Last updated December 20, 2012. Created by peteruithoven on December 20, 2012.
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When you want to do more advances contextual filtering you could use PHP contextual filter code.

There is a questions taxonomy with a number of questions.
There is a content type with 2 term reference fields, Raised questions and Answered questions
Under each page I want a list with links to pages that answer questions raised on the page.

  1. To get this, create a new view with a block display.
  2. Create a contextual filter, on the Answered questions field.
  3. Select Provide default value.
  4. Select at Type; PHP-code.
  5. Use the following code:
  6. <?php
    = node_load(arg(1));
    $node && isset($node->field_raised_questions[LANGUAGE_NONE])) {
    $node->field_raised_questions[LANGUAGE_NONE] as $term) {
    $terms[] = $term['tid'];
      else {

  7. Under More, select: Filter to items that share any term.

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Thank you, peteruithoven. This was exactly what I was looking for. I worked like a charm.

Awesome, thanks. I was trying to do all sorts of other tricky stuff to get it to work, not thinking about using PHP.

Just one question: I have "Allow multiple values" checked in the MORE tab of the contextual filter. Is there any way to reduce duplicates when working with Content: Teaser?

Nevermind! I just found the 'Distinct' option in the 'Query settings' options. Neat little feature.

I really want to confirm about Drupal best practice, that should we use PHP code in contextual filter or should we use hook_views_pre_view and pass contextual filter value their?