Steps to reproduce:

Install standard profile
Add a new node
Click the new "Edit" toolbar link
Edit a field, save, click anywhere to un-grey-out the editing interface
Click the "Menu" toolbar link


The menu drawer which was collapsed should show


The overlay opens the /admin page


Incredible that none of us found this during testing :(

Pinging Jesse Beach, since she's most knowledgeable on Toolbar.

I noticed this on the D7 version. See #1852164: Navbar offset not being set correctly, will roll a D8 patch. (If its the same)

Expanding the original steps:

Close the overlay.
Click Edit.

Edit grey-overlay thing with selectable fields

Edit grey-overlay thing, no fields to select, and:
"Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'document' of null "

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Yeah, I've seen this on other things too; it's not related to Edit module.

A simple way to reproduce it is to go to admin/structure/views/add and change the view from Content to Users - that kicks off an Ajax request which triggers this.

The patch I just posted at #1858576: The $toolbar variable in toolbar.js is set to an empty jQuery object after an AJAX request seems to fix both cases of it.

I'm glad to hear that Edit didn't break other things and that a solution is available :)