The 'Scale' option is almost OK, when speaking of responsive design. E.g. when I set one of the popup styles to scale and width to 0.8 - the popup contact form always fits. The only issue is that I need max-width, so it won't become too wide on wide screens. Such an option would be most beneficial (I tried to do it with CSS but then the modal window loses it's centering).

Any idea? Please help.


I totaly second this request.

Ive also tried making the popup behave nicely in all resolutions, but if you set max-widths in your css file, the js overrides/ignores it with its inline widths.

Has anyone found a (temporary) workaround for this?

Ah, I knew this module had to be too good to be true :(

It's indeed not suitable for mobile without stripping all elegance on desktops. Hope this can be implemented one day. I've tried every single modal/popup solution out there over the past few years but it seems to be one of those things Drupal just can't really do.