Looks like this module provides hooks for (a) navigation menu and (b) block. However, would be really useful if it integrated with the Core Toolbar module to allow switching from there. Perhaps a drop down or something next to the logout option and Hello 'admin' displays?


I second that as I do not have either the Navigation menu or the Navigation block visible in my theme. I moved the two Masquerade menus to the Management menu where they are visible to users with Administrator permissions. However, the account I wish to masquerade as does not have Administrator permissions, so when I masquerade as this account, Admin Menu disappears. The only way I can switch back is to log out as that user and log in again as an Administrator. So even if this suggested change is made, there is still no way of returning to the original account (usually user1) without logging out and back in again, as the Core toolbar doesn't show for non-Administrator accounts. It would be nice not to have to do that.

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I second this.

Devel switch user works better in this matter.

I dont use the Navigation menu in my site, how to switch conveniently?

Like stuzog, I changed the location of the masquerade link to the management menu, but of course when I masquerade as a non-admin I can't switch back cause I can't see the link anywhere.

What are your suggestions?


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