I use views calc in a view where I have Bulk Operations (VBO). The checkboxe for "select all" is showing in the table header but in each row the checkboxes don't appear. Is there a workarround or do I have to respect some other settings to make this work?


The same... I can see only html comment in the table cell

<td class="views-field views-field-views-bulk-operations  ">

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I've compared "Views calc display" template_preproccess hook and the same hook in Views module views\theme\theme.inc for the "Table display".

I've noticed that in views table fields are rendered in different way:

// Fields must be rendered in order as of Views 2.3, so we will pre-render
  // everything.
$renders = $handler->render_fields($result);

Here is my patch fix that resolved the issue

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For me that patch #2 works.
I hope that patch will make it in views_calc module because we need it to work with views bulk operations

i've changed the path in the patch

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patch update.
needs review

Works for me, thanks

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ok. So I'm changing it to "reviewed & tested by the community"

This patch works for me, thanks!