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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

We harness open-source web technologies to craft websites, build applications, and empower our clients to grow.

Founded in 2005, Context has worked tirelessly to revise and improve the process of bringing websites and web applications from concept to launch. We bring a rich, experienced combination of technical know-how, strategic direction, and design sensibility to our projects. We are committed to the craftsmanship of our code, the end product we show to the world, and the experience our clients have working with us to bring everything together.

We want to work with people and organizations that are committed to the success of their web initiatives. We want to be constantly challenged to do our best work, to think creatively, and to engineer uniquely clever solutions.

If you're looking for a team who will work with you rather than against you, who will seek to understand your goals, mission, and vision before making project decisions, and who will tell it to you straight when we encounter problems or challenges, let's talk.

Drupal contributions

Drupal contributions: 

Context is a Drupal Association member. We were also a Drupaldelphia sponsor and presenter.

Additionally, our team has submitted a number of patches to d.o, as we like to give back any fixes or updates we make to contrib modules: [Module Application: Github-style markdown implementation] [Link Module: URLs with "hash bang" #!, such as Twitter links, return "not a valid url"] [Chaos Tools: Show vocabulary name in autocomplete results for taxonomy term contexts] [Chaos Tools: Add checkbox to reverse items in a multiple value field relationship] [Views Slideshow: Allow Pager Previous/Next Controls to Control the Slideshow] [Redirect 403: Custom 403 redirect for anonymous users] [Menu Block: menu trails support patch]

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