I can't find this, it seems to be standard, but I probably switched it off lately.

See screenshot.

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Title:How to get the year in the mont view date heading?How can I show the year in the title of a mini calendar block?
Version:7.x-3.3» 7.x-3.x-dev

I have the same question, and I'm disappointed that this has gone unanswered for 4 months.

To clarify, I need to add the year to the title of a mini calendar block, which normally only shows the month. Is there a simple way to override the default titles for calendar blocks?


I have the same exact problem right now. I feel like it's something intuitive and easy to do, but for some reason, I can't figure it out.

Have just come across the exact same problem as eusonic mentioned, when viewing by month with the mini calendar it makes sense to show the year as once you toggle between December/January, it makes sense to make clear to the end user which year they are now viewing. Am having a look around to see if there's an easy way to do this, if anyone finds a way then please let us know.


UPDATE: I ended up using https://drupal.org/project/pretty_calendar as it did this out of the box.

try to insert this into template.php

function yourthemename_date_nav_title($params) {
$granularity = $params['granularity'];
$view = $params['view'];
$date_info = $view->date_info;
$link = !empty($params['link']) ? $params['link'] : FALSE;
$format = !empty($params['format']) ? $params['format'] : NULL;
switch ($granularity) {
case 'year':
$title = $date_info->year;
$date_arg = $date_info->year;
case 'month':
$format = !empty($format) ? $format : (empty($date_info->mini) ? 'F Y' : 'F Y');
$title = date_format_date($date_info->min_date, 'custom', $format);
$date_arg = $date_info->year .'-'. date_pad($date_info->month);
case 'day':
$format = !empty($format) ? $format : (empty($date_info->mini) ? 'l, F j Y' : 'l, F j');
$title = date_format_date($date_info->min_date, 'custom', $format);
$date_arg = $date_info->year .'-'. date_pad($date_info->month) .'-'. date_pad($date_info->day);
if (!empty($date_info->mini) || $link) {
// Month navigation titles are used as links in the mini view.
$attributes = array('title' => t('View full page month'));
$url = date_pager_url($view, $granularity, $date_arg, TRUE);
return l($title, $url, array('attributes' => $attributes));
else {
return $title;

#6 works perfectly thanks!!!

Thank you for posting the template.php code. Worked perfectly.