i would like to be able to sort the way products are displayed in 'all products' page.
the only solution that i found around this subject is changing the creation date, what i dont see very professional to give to a client :)
i would like something like draggable views, but, at the moment, none of the modules that sort in views support entities...
i can sort creating an integer field on the product, but it is not very usable to have to enter numbers for a long list of products or if you need to rearrange, you have to edit many products.
i imagine that some of you had this need and i would apreciate if you tell to me how you solved it.
thanks a lot :)


Are you looking for something like this ? http://drupal.org/project/weight

thanks @jsacksick :)
i looked yesterday on it, but it uses the sticky field to weight and i use sticky in other thing, so i cant use it.

today i spoke with pcambra in the chat and he told to me that the draggable views works for him with commerce kickstart (edit: he tells to me that it was with commerce).
but he orders using tabledrag [1] for ordening.
i didnt know about this possibility, but monday i have a meeting with the client and i am very late.
so, depending on the meeting, i will see if i can give more time now to this or we can go at the moment with my simple solution (they have a fixed amount of products).

since, i think, new people using kickstart may want to sort these views, i try to document in this issue how i resolve it.
also, i think that in chat it is difficult to explain and maybe i got something wrong o explain bad when i talk with pcambra :)
any help on this is wellcome :)

how i am now:

i have an integer field in the product to order.
in views, in "products" "products/list"and "collection/%" i use it in the sort criteria and everything works perfect.
draggable views ok

as soon i try to use draggable views, i get this errors:

Notice: Undefined index: sorts in options_form() (line 32 of /xxx/sites/all/modules/draggableviews/handlers/draggableviews_handler_fieldapi.inc). =>
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in options_form() (line 32 of /xxx/sites/all/modules/draggableviews/handlers/draggableviews_handler_fieldapi.inc). =>

draggable views problem

i am following a issue in draggable views with this error https://drupal.org/node/1751610 (i searched for the error but there are few results).

edit: i have tried with draggable views 7.x-2.0, 7.x-2.0-beta1 (pcambra told to me he was using this one in commerce (not in kickstart) and 7.x-2.x-dev

thanks for any input :)

[1] http://api.drupal.org/api/drupal/includes!common.inc/function/drupal_add_tabledrag/7

if in the second image i select as handler the FieldAPY and choose as a field my integer field, i get the same errors.

Commerce Kickstart has a sort method installed by default (powered by Search API), the sort block appears on the all products page.

See it for yourself http://demo.commerceguys.com/ck/products

@cn313, i know, thanks.
but what i need it is to be able to sort with a mechanism similar to draggable views, which means that the products can be rearranged by Drag'n'Drop in a view similar to the products management.

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Documentation Tasks Cleanup. This is on my list and will be done soon.

thanks @joshmiller, thanks for assigning yourself this task.

i have also tried to put draggable views in admin/commerce/products/list in the view Commerce Backoffice: Products. i dont get any error but it doesnt work.

in this draggable views issue , one of the maintainers is studding how to solve it. maybe you can collaborate.

thanks :)

While this is a fun problem to solve, it shouldn't be a priority in the docs queue (we need to cover the functionality that we do have first)

I am the co-maintainer of draggableviews. I have taken a look at this issue. If you create a product field called 'weight' then use FieldAPI. If you do not want to, then use Native.

The problem is with the sort field.

On the order sort page/block, you should see:
Draggableviews sort handler correct
But with commerce kickstart I see:
Draggableviews sort handler options removed

On the display page with this sort order you will see "Display sort as" like this:
Display page draggableviews UI

Commerce Kickstart removes the option_form settings, that is what is cause this error, and preventing draggableviews from working. I don't understand how it removes it, hopefully someone can shine a light on this.

thanks @iStryker for giving time to this issue. i neither know how they take away that...

Ok, scratch my #9 comment. I got FieldAPI, Native handler and the way to sort them confused.

I managed to get this working for both FieldAPI and Native handlers using Draggableviews-7.x-2.x-dev and Commerce Kickstart 7.x-2.0-beta2 (sorry beta2 is the only test enivornment I have).

In the image above you have Native selected, but you do not have "Draggableviews: Weight", You need this to use Native handler.
In the image I see you have "Content: Product order". If this is a field, then you need to use the FieldAPI handler.

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Hello again

After a year my client asked to add 2 new products. Since I had to reorder the product list in Commerce Kickstart, I tried again to add Draggable Views, but now it is not possible to add this kind of field. It doesn't appears in the field list to add. I imagine that is because it is an entity or something with Search Appy. If I create a view from 0 in the same installation Commerce Kickstart I could.

I used the last dev version in Draggable Views and the last stable distribution on Commerce Kickstart 7.x-2.12.

Any idea on how I can get it? I searched in internet but I didn't find any solution :)

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