Just adding link to accessibility discussion on CKEditor #1260052-161: Candidate WYSIWYG editors to this central thread.

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Tagging; this helps the CKEditor folks track the "CKEditor in core" status on the Drupal side. On the CKEditor side, see

Title:[meta] Find and report any accessibility issue of CkEditor and its drupal integration[meta] Find and report any accessibility issue of CKEditor and its Drupal integration

Slightly better title.

Project:CKEditor for WYSIWYG Module» Drupal core
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adding first related issue

Project:Drupal core» CKEditor for WYSIWYG Module

jessebeach reported this a11y problem: — they're following up on it.

@jessebeach - thanks!

I added this issue here - #1904986: Make Keyboard Controls Discoverable in CKEditor

Alt+F10 the keyboard shortcut to get to the toolbar is already bound to "Open the indicator menu" in Ubuntu 12.04 with the Unity desktop. Probably worth noting that somewhere. The upshot is without changing the Alt+F10 shortcut in Ubuntu using the toolbar is impossible by keyboard.

There is a current ticket regarding the previous binding that Alt+F10 had in Ubuntu which was to resize the browser window, which I have updated to highlight the new use:

Project:CKEditor for WYSIWYG Module» Drupal core
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adding related issues

Version:8.x-1.x-dev» 8.x-dev
Component:Miscellaneous» ckeditor.module

Moving this issue to core, now that #1890502: WYSIWYG: Add CKEditor module to core has been committed.

Priority:Critical» Normal

I'm going to downgrade this to normal since there's nothing actionable here, some of the individual accessibility issues are already marked major which sounds right.

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updated trelated issues, added section for upstream CKEditor issue links

There are also all of the reported issues with CKEditor.

I was disappointed to find that there were so many that had been opened (and unresolved) for so long. The one Hanno pointed out had been opened for over 2 years.

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I'm going to close this as a duplicate as CKEditor problems should be reported in their issue queue. All issues related to the Drupal integration should be set up with a new issue in the Component ckeditor.module. No need to have an open meta issue.

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added language button