I'm trying to add a block to all quiz results pages. However, when a user finishes a quiz, the url is '../node/330/take', (which is the same as all of the questions), rather than something like '../node/330/results/110'. I don't want to add the block to the question pages. It's the same whether user is anonymous or authenticated. Am I doing something wrong?


I have the similar issue. does anyone know a possible solution?

Thanks a lot!

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There is a hook (at least in version 7-4x) available called 'hook_quiz_finished'. I have never tested this, but you should be able to do something similiar:

function mymodule_quiz_finished($quiz, $score, $rid)
drupal_goto('/node/' . $quiz->nid . '/results/' . $rid);

It is recommended not to use drupal_goto() in any hook implementation as it might prevent the executions of subsequent implementations. Workaround would be to set highest weight to module calling drupal_goto().