As user1 I can create nodes with a publish date but as a 'normal logged in user' the settings don't show up.

Now it is supposed to work when I enable all 'vertical tabs' but I don't want to give users the rights to create sticky or front page content. ( and I can't find this setting also )

Thinking if I get it enabled I will use the form_API to alter the output but maybe It should be a feature of this module?

--sorry if I'm unclear but it's late had a long day will review my post tomorrow ;)


What permissions have you set for your roles? We have "Schedule content publication" which should allow you to give users this authority without them getting all the tabs. If that is not working correctly let me know.


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Closing this 'works as designed' since no reply in four weeks. Please re-open if you still have a problem.

As mentioned above, if you have the permission set for Scheduler then the tab/fieldset will be shown. The user does not require any further administration authority.