When ife module enabled, region fieldsets become invisible with style="display: none" on omega's "Zone and region configuration"

I found that problem in
$types[$key]['#theme_wrappers'] = array('ife_form_element');
when $key = 'weight'

Sorry for bad english, this is not my native language.

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I'm having this issue as well, I haven't a clue about coding so any help would be fantastic as this module is great from a UX standpoint

There is a function of enabling ife only for selected forms on admin/config/user-interface/ife but i can not exclude the system_theme_settings form id. Is this the correct one?

How else can we prevent ife from loading on specific pages or forms?

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Here you can see the omega theme settings form. Look at regions they are empty.


I was just generally looking over IFE issues when i say this one, and just to report: i've had this issue with omega (v3) without IFE in projects.

opps. removed

Ok, but in my case i can reproduce it that the error was gone when i disable the ife module