I've installed the most recent dev version of ckeditor for drupal 7 along with ckeditor 4. I am seeing the tool bar but it isn't the full toolbar and the icons are all black and white. Am I missing a setting?

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So I guess the new skin is black and white icons. So those are working. However, I can't get the full version of the toolbar to appear. I can get the basic and advanced....

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Default CKEditor 4.0 looks like here: http://ckeditor.com/demo#full. You can also use old Kama skin, but you have to add it to CKBuilder before download or upload skin manually. Please check your toolbar at toolbar option in Editor appearance section of CKEditor profile configuration. Please also check if you use right input format (this one with full toolbar selected) during node creation/edit. Please remember that buttons that you can use in CKEditor depends from plugins that are uploaded with your CKEditor version. Did you use CKEditor from preset or custom build from CKBuilder ? The easiest way to get full CKEditor is download full package from http://ckeditor.com/download.

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I have the latest version of this module, and the Full version of CKEditor 4.0.1. But I'm getting blank buttons on my editor as shown on the screen shot.

Anyone have some ideas how to fix this?


please try clear Drupal & browser cache. After this refresh page and check if issue exists. If the problem will not gone please check in Firebug (Firefox add-on) console if you have any errors reported.

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ok, clearing the browser cache did the job.

Thanks a lot

I have the same problem. Did something help you? Thanks.


I'd upgraded from the v3 to the v4 of CKEditor libraries when I got this problem. I cleared the drupal cache which didn't fully help. But clearing the browser cache did the trick.

On Chrome, this was under settings - show advanced settings - clear browsing data - empty the cache.


I am sorry I wasn't accurate. I, actually, have the same problem as user fossle, not as you. But, thanks anyway :)

@natttan, had the same problem.. didn't notice though that version of the ckeditor i downloaded was a standard package.. make sure you get a full package version..
hope it helps..


I can confirm what was said by ricH.


Thank you Rich! #7 worked for me, after clearing Drupal's cache alone didn't.