I am trying to use Node Export. It works, but no matter what I do, it creates a NEW node on the destination server even though I have both the source and destination servers setup to "Create a new revision of the existing node" under "When importing a node that already exists:"

I am using Node Export 6.x-3.4 with UUID version 6.x-1.0-rc2 on Drupal 6.72. I have two sites setup with the exact same install.

If I create a new node on the source site and then export it using Node Export and then import it using Node Export: Import on the destination site, it imports with no issue. Then I go back to the original node on the source site, edit the node and then re-export using Node Export and then re-import on the destination site, it creates a NEW node instead of updating the existing node or creating a revision of the original one. I have tried both the download the file method AND the copy and paste method. Am I missing something? Am I doing this wrong?


I am also seeing this behavior, but using 7.x-3.0