I'm trying to achieve a blockless design. First I've enabled site template and chose the: 'AT Panels Everywhere site template' design.

Then I added some menus on both left sidebar and right sidebar regions (on both sides of the main content).

After that I've created a custom frontpage panel page and set the template (at the site templates tab) to show the AT Panels Everywhere site template. I set the layout to be a one column adaptive theme one and add a panel view with some content to the main region there.

On my new frontpage panel page I expect to see the main content, which I've added at the custom frontpage panel page, seating between the menus I've added at the template site panel page, but instead it seats on top of those menus. I'm guessing that the regions aren't aligned to seat side by side as it shows in the panel page view drug and drop screen because the settings from site_template aren't implemented at the frontpage panel page but than why to I see the menus at all? What am I missing?

It's worth adding that I haven't changed any of the settings found in appearance for ATPE.


Checking the in place editor option for both panel pages (site_templae and the custom frontpage) shows all the regions in both panel pages, but there's no apparent css to align these regions in any other way but to stack on top of each other. Checking up on a previous project I've used this theme one it seems that I had to set all the css definitions manually myself in the respected files (although I can see an option at the appearance theme pages to control those sidebar positions, widths etc. Was that the right way to go about it?

Can you add a screenshot, its difficult to understand what the problem is.

Sorry for the delay.

I'm attaching capture screens of the theme settings, panel pages and some test node.
I was expecting to get a left and right sidebar result, but instead it's all just stacked.

I've tried fiddling a bit with the theme settings still no luck. I can make each panel page to have an atpe site template layout, but that dosen't seem friendly at all plus what's the site template panel page for then?
Also, it seems that previous versions of atpe came with more css files and definitions.

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The problem was that even though I've saved the theme settings at least once the css properties were not being written. This was fixed only after I've changed some settings and then saved it.

I still have issues with the theme settings, basically some of my changes are not being implemented. For example I've tried to switch the side bar unit types from percentage to em but nothing happened even after clearing the cache. Same deal with the floating extension, tried floating 3 panels in the header region, but nothing happened so I ended up editing the responsive custom css.

This seems like a bug to me.