The regular expressions in views_break_phrase() can cause a segmentation fault if there is a large number of arguments passed to the view due to the amount of recursion. This can be solved one of two ways:

  1. Change pcre.backtrack_limit to a more reasonable value. The question here is: what is reasonable? Relying on the end-user to set this appropriately for their installation may be a bit much to ask considering the relative obscurity of this feature.
  2. Refactor the regular expressions to avoid the amount of recursion causing the segmentation fault, namely the ([0-9]+[+ ])+ portion.
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PASSED: [[SimpleTest]]: [MySQL] 1,603 pass(es).
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PASSED: [[SimpleTest]]: [MySQL] 1,603 pass(es).
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Patch attached.

How many arguments did you passed into the view to cause a seg.fault? Is this a number you can estimate?

In general there are multiple issues in both views and drupal issue queue to simplify the regular expression.

I had over 7000 arguments being passed to the view. I'm not sure what the minimum number of arguments would be that would cause this issue. I searched the views issue queue before posting but was unable to find any issues addressing these specific regular expressions.

In general this sounds wrong: 7k arguments to a view, ... can you please have a look at the other issue whether that new regex makes it easier?

I was having a similar issue. On Drupal Commons, visiting the /activity page as a logged-in user, I was getting the segmentation fault as well. Described here: #2150673: Activity overview is broken for normal users