On the lists page, the "Refresh lists from MailChimp" button does not actually get lists from mailchimp (as far as I can tell). All it does is clear the mailchimp lists cache.

Lists are fetched from mailchimp on cron.


Same here after I updated to 7.x-2.9
Now I do not have list under - Available MailChimp lists

This post is not really about missing lists.

It is about the button needing to be renamed, or the functionality of the button being changed.

Status:Active» Closed (works as designed)

Lists are fetched if the cache is clear by any function that needs to see them. This functions as a trigger for the next list request to refresh the lists, so it does effectively refresh them.

It sounds like you may have had issues related to #1388722: Lists not showing up..., if so please upgrade to 7.x-2.10.

2.10 fixed this for me...

Status:Closed (works as designed)» Active

I AM using 7.x-2.10 and I have this same problem. I have a list at MailChimp called, simply, "Subscribers".
All the MailChimp services are activated and I have a proper API Key.
Clicking on "Refresh lists from MailChimp", and going back with the "my lists" link, I see nothing there.
Not sure why 2.10 is working for others.
Any suggestions?

MailChimp list are not listed on that page..
This page list the drupal-mailchimp-list, not what is listed at www.mailchimp.com.
Check this....
- Click (add a list)
- Scroll down to (MailChimp List Settings) -> (MailChimp List Settings)
Is your mailchimp list, listed there? This is what the update list link is supposed to update!!!
I too was confused at first... but now it works great.

Version:7.x-2.9» 7.x-2.7

Update: Completely uninstalled 2.10 and install 2.7, since that worked for others.
Still no lists!

As mentioned in #6, you have to manually add lists. So use the add list link instead of the refresh lists one.

This is what confused me before too, because I was used to the old drupal 6 version where all the lists are pulled in automatically.

Using Drupal 7.19, MailChimp 2.10

As indicated, I tried using "add list" instead of "Refresh lists from MailChimp" but got WSOD at admin/config/services/mailchimp/lists/add

My bad. Works fine. Did not have the library files in the correct directory.

I had the same problem in #1894956: Existing MailChimp list not available when adding a list in Drupal 7.19 and MailChimp 2.9 and it was because of a confusing interface in the end not because the functionality was broken.

Status:Active» Closed (works as designed)