If the option "Automatically save as draft between pages" is selected, drafts are created for anonymous users. This results in abandoned drafts piling up in the results. The Save Draft button does not appear for anonymous and neither should drafts automatically be created.

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I'm not sure this is a bug really, in my situation I really want draft's to be saved (they are redirected to another site and return half way through the pages with some extra data to complete)

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Can you explain why you are marking this postponed? Your use case sounds like a niche. Many people will be effected by abandoned drafts piling up.

I dont think it's a niche, nothing niche about anonymous people submitting forms.. think they should just be expired after X hours instead of not working at all

I think it is niche to redirect a user to another site while completing a form, as you describe in #2.

I think this patch should go in as-is to fix the immediate problem. If someone wants to later write more complicated draft expiry, then that can be a separate issue.

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I agree with Liam here. Anonymous users don't have the ability to resume their drafts, so we shouldn't be automatically saving them between pages. The complete problem around anonymous users should be handled in #1932560: “Save draft” form button for anonymous users.

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Committed #1. Let's followup on anonymous users in the other issue.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.