Given how many bean blocks can be created, it might be useful to have separate Context integration for it to make displaying Bean content via Context easier.


No? :) Imagine a context reaction that lets you select the beans, like you would normally with a block only without all of the normal blocks.

Status:Active» Closed (won't fix)

I see this more as a feature request for Context to improve their less-than-stellar UI. (Thanks for the plug though.)

Its not just Bean that has this problem, its also an issue with Views blocks, or any site that has a lot of blocks.

You could write your own reaction that extends block and only shows beans. Sounds like it would make a useful little contrib module, but I don't think this belongs as a part of the Bean module.

You might also consider placing Beans on pages using a different tool? There are a other ways to do it. Display suite, page manager, etc.

Status:Closed (won't fix)» Active

Ok, closing is a bit harsh. I don't think adding confusion to Context when one turns on Bean is a good idea. I do think it would make for helpful contrib module, but I think you could scope this out to not just help Bean, but other modules (such as Views) that add many new blocks to the list.